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About your Therapist

Amy graduated at the top of her class from Berk's Technical Institute in 2009. While attending BTI, she completed her internship at Bell Tower Salon and Spa where she was employed from 2009 to 2013. Convinced that in order to provide the highest level of healing and results—Amy continued her education during those years. In 2010, she received her Reiki Master Certification from the Center for Universal Studies and, in 2012, she underwent an extensive training program for Jin Shin Do Acupressure. Despite the success and positive impact Amy made at Bell Tower, it had been a long running dream for her to open her own business. During her childhood, Amy cared for her mother who was born with Polio and was also in a very bad car accident that further worsened her physical condition. The accident confined her mother to a wheelchair. This experience strengthened Amy's compassion and care for others. It also fostered a desire to nurture people and do what she could to ease their pain. After ten years in the commercial insurance industry, she felt her work was unfulfilling. Amy decided to leave the insurance business and commit her career and life to healing others. She began meditating and practicing yoga and Reiki to promote her own physical and spiritual healing. Amy is a native to the Reading area. She is a mother of two children and an active member of the Berk's County community. Amy is extremely excited to give back to her neighbors and provide that warm, healing place to unwind.  When Amy is not on the premises of Kind Massage you will find her off-premise massaging the patrons at music festivals, local events, charities and corporate functions. She is a dedicated healer with a large range of skilled services. Thank you for visiting Kind Massage!